Jay Park’s Modest Home And Taste In Furniture Goes Viral

What H1GHR living looks like.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View, JAY PARK made an appearance to promote his hit single “Ganadara.”

Woogie (left) and Jay Park (Right) | Kocowa TV/YouTube

The appearance was made more special due to the fact the singer invited viewers inside his home for the first time

Yang Se Hyung (bottom left) and Jay Park | MBCentertainment/YouTube

Fans were anticipating a gaudy show of wealth as rappers have gone viral before for their flashy homes. Dok2 changed Korea’s view towards Korean rappers with his luxurious home.

Dok2 | SBS Entertainment/YouTube

Rapper Swings recently one-upped the entire Korean rap industry and bought a whole building.

Swings | @itsjustswings/Instagram

Surely our boy Jay Park was going to flex on the whole continent on Primetime television, right?!

Jay Park | AOMG

Viewers were surprised, however, when they saw that the singer’s furniture reminded them of their parent’s home.

Song Eun Yi (bottom left) and Jay Park | MBCentertainment/YouTube

Turns out, Jay Park lives with his parents. Bet he is probably the first-ever ROC Nation Brunch invitee to do so.

Fans collectively “aww“-ed.

The fact that he lives with his parents, doesn’t smoke, and eats healthy is such a turn on.


Fans are applauding the rapper for his modesty as he is the creator of successful labels AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, and More Vision as well as the CEO of the successful soju brand Won Soju, the whole country knows he is among the wealthier celebrities in Korea.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

Check out the video below and see Jay Park be the most relatable multi-millionaire singer, rapper, and mogul ever.

Source: Youtube and Segye Ilbo