JBJ Will Disband In Less Than 2 Months, This Is How The Members Feel

JBJ members share their heartbreaking thoughts on their inevitable disbandment.

After a short run of 6 months, JBJ‘s promotions are already preparing for their inevitable disbandment.

JBJ is a sub-group that debuted out of Produce 101, consisting of the members who almost made it to Wanna One.


The popular group was only contracted for a short 7-month cycle, and the members revealed their thoughts about the group and its future.


Kenta shared that it was a bittersweet experience that brought tears to his eyes.

“We talk about the end a lot. You asked why we cried at the concert. Mainly because we were so happy and overwhelmed, but also because we can’t help but think about the end. How long do we have until we can’t see this beautiful sight anymore? How long can we stay on stage? Thinking about these things makes us cry.” — Kenta


Donghan doesn’t like to think about their disbandment but instead focuses on the present.

“Thinking about it gives me a headache… So I try not to think about it. I mean, who goes to work thinking about when they’ll get fired? I try to enjoy the present.” — Donghan


Yongguk shared the thoughts of his fans worldwide, saying that he doesn’t want to disband.

“I’d love to continue being JBJ. This group makes me happy.” — Yongguk


Taehyun revealed that the instability of an idol’s career was worth experiencing everything as a JBJ member.

“Being a star means having an unstable future. But I’m happy with what I do, so I want to continue. I’m sure a lot of celebrities feel this way. That’s why we try our best at all times. We hope the team can go on together.” — Taehyun


Lastly, Hyunbin asked what fans are desperately hoping for…

“I want to continue as JBJ. Can we extend our promotions?” — Hyunbin


JBJ will be closing their activities with a special concert in Japan.

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Source: Osen