JBJ Kim Yongguk Mocks Fans, Calling Them “Delusional” And More

Fans are thoroughly disappointed in him and have decided to reveal everything.

Former JBJ member, Kim Yongguk, has been the center of criticism from fans and netizens for not only his dating scandal and cat scandal, but now, for inappropriate posts on his private Instagram account, many of which refer to his fans in a mocking way.


Fans have provided screenshots of posts from the Instagram account as proof that it was indeed Kim Yongguk’s private account.

“Cute Rolly”

“Filming was f*cking hard”


The account, which fans claim did not follow any of the JBJ members, has since been set to private and its posts removed.


In one post, Yongguk shared a photo from his album pre-signing. In the caption, he wrote, “Delusional“, referring to his fans, along with an emoticon that expressed that he wasn’t happy about it.


Another post shared an image of one of JBJ’s scripts for a program. According to the script, the JBJ members were more than happy to film a second season of their show, Uniform King. In the caption, Yongguk wrote, “???????????????? Says who???????????????????” Below, Yongguk wrote in a comment, “I’ll never do it.”


In another post, he uploaded a screenshot of a text message with his manager regarding birthday gifts from fans.

“Manager: Please respond whether you have/don’t have the following items. If you don’t have it, we’ll accept it and if you do have it, we’ll tell them!

1) VR game
2) Litter robot (automated cat litter box)
3) Earpods

4) Playstation (They said they’ll give additional game packs since fans already gave this last time. We’ll accept this one)

5) Air purifier (They said the size was appropriate for a room)”


In the caption, he mentioned the VR game and litter robot, stating in a mocking tone that he really wanted these two items. They were apparently the two most expensive items on the list.

“VR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Litter robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted these sooooooooo bad hahahahah


Below the post, his ex-girlfriend responded in a similar tone, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You must be f*cking excited.”


This ex-girlfriend is not SONAMOO’s Nahyun, who Yongguk was recently involved in a dating scandal with. Rather, it was a previous girlfriend he dated during his activities as a member of JBJ. He had apparently shared numerous “lovestagram” posts on his private account of this ex-girlfriend.

“I’m so happy”


On March 4, Yongguk shared a Twitter post stating that he suffered from the flu the previous day and couldn’t properly congratulate Hyunbin for his birthday as a result.

“[Kim Yongguk] I wasn’t able to congratulate Hyunbin properly because I was in bed all day yesterday after taking medication for my flu. Sorryyyy ㅠㅠㅠㅠ. Happy birthday, don’t be sick and let’s be happy!! Also, I got a lot of rest yesterday and I’m feeling much better now hehehe”


The previous day (March 3), Yongguk had shared a photo on his private Instagram account of his dinner captioned, “I’m gaining weight because of you…#ILoveYou.” After seeing the post, fans doubted that he actually had the flu.


In addition to his Instagram posts, fans have also shared posts claiming that they picked up Yongguk’s letters and gifts from fans from the trash.

“I’m a middle-aged man in my 30’s. Last night, I saw a whole bunch of envelopes while throwing out the trash and after taking a better look, I saw a bunch of new items in the trash. The trash pick-up was on its way so I took a few to see what it was and turns out, they were various items like letters written in Chinese and Japanese, bracelets, cosmetics, cookies, etc. It obviously looks like fan gifts but I wonder why they were thrown away. They’re all new items and most of the letters weren’t even opened. Anyway…I didn’t know who they were so I searched them up and looks like they’re disbanded. Maybe that’s why these were thrown away but anyway, what a waste.”


Other fans have also shared experiences of moments they were offended by Yongguk’s inappropriate comments.

“Fan: Yongguk, it’s hard, isn’t it?
Yongguk: No, it’s fine. I’m perfectly fine. Fansigns are much harder.
Fan: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yongguk: If I do 100 fan signs ugh…And they’re all like mothers-in-law, they nag so much”


In one instance, Yongguk had apparently critiqued the makeup of one fan, who seemed extremely offended by his comment.

“[Fan]: ‘What do I need to do to meet someone like you?
[Yongguk]: You’ll meet someone even if you don’t do anything ㅋㅋ

Yongguk, I remember after you wrote that answer, you awkwardly laughed and said, ‘But thick makeup is not really my style.’ It’s my biggest regret that I didn’t record that. Do you think I attend the fan sign to be critiqued by you? Do you really think I asked because I want to date you?”


It doesn’t stop there. Fans had apparently asked Hyunbin at a fan sign to take a photo with his life-sized banner that he took with him to the dorm. Hyunbin laughed off the question and later, a fan had claimed to have found the banner in the trash near JBJ’s dorm.

According to fans, Yongguk had been using the banner to practice his shooting game as there were multiple holes around Hyunbin’s face.


Photos of Yongguk at a sleazy club from before his debut were also released by fans.

“In March, Future World will be holding ‘spontaneous events’ in addition to our main events for beautiful men and women.

Come on over for hard liquor, beer, fruit, cash, etc.

1. Ugly woman contest
2. Mini skirt contest
3. High-heel contenst
4. Style contest”

“Pedometer game~ Inappropriate for minors~~Sexy~
Contemplated posting this for 2 weeks~~ㅎㅎ”


In another instance, a friend of Yongguk had apparently used obscene language towards another female player in a game chatting room, calling her misogynistic words such as c*nt.

“[Yongguk’s friend]: Minae is obviously
[Yongguk’s friend]: a c*nt b*tch ㅋㅋ”


Yongguk himself was also caught cursing during the game.

“Don’t shoot, b*tch.”


Later, the female player who was called c*nt by Yongguk’s friend created a separate chat room and burst out in anger to which Yongguk simply laughed and responded sarcastically to. Fans were more disappointed in Yongguk for his choice of friends and for condoning the friend’s misogynistic language than for using profanity himself.


Meanwhile, Kim Yongguk addressed this issue in his hand-written apology letter, which was released on November 10 through his official fan cafe.

“I am also deeply reflecting upon my words and actions on my private Instagram account. Even as I write this letter, I am regretting my wrongful actions. I will think 100 times before acting and humble myself.

I am always thankful towards my fans and I feel the same now. I have been able to receive this much love since my debut because of all of you guys. I am more than sorry to for disappointing all of you and all I can afford to say is I’m sorry.”

ㅡ Kim Yongguk


Despite his apology, many fans could not forgive him for his behavior.

Source: Twitter