JBJ Members Say Their Last Goodbyes As They Officially Disband

Cue the tears.

JBJ has officially disbanded after 7 months, releasing a special MV to their final farewell song “Just Be Stars”.

JBJ is a sub-group that debuted out of Produce 101, consisting of six members who almost made it to Wanna One. The group achieved huge success in a very short amount of time, with hit singles “Fantasy” and “My Flower” gaining them legions of fans and selling more than 100,000 records.


The special MV brought together clips of the group’s activities from debut until now, and shared farewell messages from the members.

The emotional lyrics address fans with lines like “it’s time to wake up from this dream”, “it’s okay, thank you”, and “don’t forget this star”.


Members made heartfelt final goodbyes in the MV, asking Joyful fans to remember them and saying how grateful and happy they were to be part of JBJ.

“I’ve been really happy.” — Donghan

“Don’t forget us!” — Kenta

“We’ll come back even cooler.”  Yongguk

“I will always be thankful to all our Joyful fans.”  Sanggyu

“Please stay together with us!” — Hyunbin


Their final concert, “Epilogue”, was emotional for the members who said their personal goodbyes.


Kwon Hyunbin thanked every fan who suffered every kind of weather to come support them throughout the past 7 months.

“Our fans always worked hard for us. Even when we made a comeback during the coldest weather, the fans came to see us even thought it must’ve been hard. Thank you for always loving us. I’m sincerely grateful for our Joyfuls who came to meet us until the very end. Thank you, from JBJ’s Kwon Hyunbin.” — Kwon Hyunbin


Kim Yongguk thanked their fans for allowing them to debut and live out their dreams.

“Thank you for allowing not just me but for all six of us to debut… I pray it won’t be our last. Thank you.” — Kim Yongguk


Kim Sanggyun thanked not only the fans but the staff who worked tirelessly to make everything happen.

“As we’ve said before, there’s always an end to a beginning, so I’ll say my goodbyes today. Our Joyfuls… I’m sorry… No matter what everyone is doing… Just as you’ve always cheered us on, we will continue to cheer you on wherever we are. Our members have worked hard until today, and our JBJ staff have worked hard as well. They’ve always missed seeing our performance because they were busy working backstage, but to see them watching us right now… It makes me realize that it truly is the end. I’ve been very happy thanks to the Joyfuls. Thank you.” — Kim Sanggyun


Noh Taehyun vowed that this was not the end for JBJ.

“First of all, the six members have gone through so much, as well as our staff. I’m sorry. I don’t think this is the end! I will continue to believe that if you call our names at anytime, we’ll be able to come together just like today. Thank you.” — Noh Taehyun


Kenta asked everyone to keep supporting them as they walk their separate paths.

“I’ve been so happy over the past 7 months thanks to everyone. I want to continue on with our members… I want to sing and dance in front of everyone. I want to be with our helpful staff forever. I want to continue to show this side of myself to all my friends and family who have cheered me on so far. Thank you for everything. I’ll miss you. The six of us will continue to work hard in our separate paths, so I hope you’ll continue to cheer us on and be with us. I said this yesterday too, but I’ll never forget this moment. I hope you won’t forget either. Thank you so much.” — Kenta


And Kim Donghan looked back on an unforgettable memory and asked for everyone to treasure their time together.

“I was able to promote as an idol and right now it seems indescribable… I hope everyone will welcome us and support us no matter what path we walk… I’ve tried so many new things and it was so fun. I’ll never forget this experience. Thank you.” — Kim Donghan


JBJ huddled together before each member left the stage individually, saying their final “thankyou”.


The thought of not performing together again made the members all tear up.


While it was hard for the members to speak, the emotion was clear.


Fans are just as heartbroken about the disbandment, crying when they saw the members were so sad.

Sanggyun couldn’t speak he was so choked up.


Fans are also thankful to JBJ and are assuring the members they won’t be forgotten.


JBJ has achieved so much in such a short time, and the love that they share with their fans can be seen through their latest and last MV.

Source: Dispatch