K-Pop Columnist Jeff Benjamin Reveals BTS’s Jungkook Has Surpassed Into A Next-Level Superstar

Facts only.

K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin, who is known to be a huge fan of the group BTS, was just as excited as the fans for the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E online concert that happened over the weekend.

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He updated fans with his thoughts from the concert through his Twitter and showered the group with praise for their high-quality performances.

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With tickets for day two of the show, he revealed that he was hoping to see unit performances from the MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 album as well as Jungkook’s “My Time.”

Well, it seems as if his wish was granted as he showed much excitement for Jungkook’s live performance!

And we don’t blame him! I mean just look at that fit!

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His review of Jungkook’s “My Time” performance revealed that he has “surpassed into a next-level type of superstar.”

He even went on to give his thoughts about the other members’ performances as well as RM‘s ending speech. He concluded his Twitter series with a prediction of what’s to come next from BTS.

If you haven’t seen this dangerous man’s performance yet…

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…we’re warning you ahead of time to remember to breathe!