Jellyfish to take action against people who spread malicious rumors about Gugudan

As part of an effort to protect their artists from malicious rumors and false facts, Jellyfish Entertainment asks Gugudan fans to report any such incidents for further investigation.

Jellyfish Entertainment posted on the group’s official fan cafe that they will be taking legal action against those who spread malicious comments and falsities about Gugudan.

The company wishes to protect their artists against any personal attacks or potentially harmful rumors that could damage the image of the artists.

“Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We would like to inform everyone that we will be taking action against those who circulate malicious comments and rumors.

We are constantly checking all of the reports the fans are sending in related to malicious comments and misrepresentation of Gugudan.

We will be taking strong legal action against these malicious rumors and false facts so we can protect the rights and interests of our artist.

If you have any confirmations of malicious comments or false facts being distributed online, please send it to as a PDF file.

The format must be as follows so we can properly file a claim:
Suspect information: Name (or unknown), Contact information, Address
Type of crime: Malicious comments, Libel, etc.
Crime information: Date, Website, URL
Post information: Post number, post contents, user ID
Other relevant information

We would like to thank all of the fans who continue to show interest and cheer for Gugudan.”

Jellyfish Entertainment

Source: Gugudan’s Fancafe