Fans Claimed Jennie Named Her Dog After Kai…But Here’s The Full Story

Fans are impressed by the coincidence!

Since news of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and EXO‘s Kai broke out, some fans have been claiming that Jennie had named her dog after Kai.


Jennie is known to have a Cocker Spaniel named Kai.


And according to a netizen who claims to be Jennie’s former classmate, Jennie was such a big fan of Kai since before her debut that she even named her pet after him. The netizen also stated that Jennie said she would make sure to date Kai when she debuted.


Although some believe that Jennie may have named her pet after her boyfriend, others have clarified that this is highly unlikely as EXO debuted in 2012 and Jennie’s dog is 8 years old.


The debate between fans is ongoing, however, as some fans continue to believe that Jennie could have adopted the dog after EXO’s debut and still named the dog after him.


Meanwhile, fans have also been noting that Jennie’s other pet dog is named Kuma, which means “bear” in Japanese. Bear is apparently one of Kai’s nicknames.


The coincidence doesn’t stop there as the teddy bear that Jennie is known to always have by her side at night is named Nini, which is also one of Kai’s nicknames.


Jennie has been seen carrying this bear to the airport…


When she goes to sleep…


And even on a variety program!


It is obvious how greatly she treasures this doll and her pets and her fans are simply impressed by the numerous powerful coincidences! Check out the video of Jennie’s pets below:

Source: Pann Nate