YG Entertainment’s Response To BLACKPINK Jennie And Jisoo’s Reported Leave Fuels Further Speculation

“I guess the members aren’t renewing…”

YG Entertainment‘s response to the latest rumors surrounding BLACKPINK members has been met with skepticism.

Jisoo (left) and Jennie (right) | Pinterest

On September 25, it was reported that BLACKPINK members Jennie and Jisoo would be leaving YG Entertainment to start their own labels.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Jisoo Will Reportedly Establish Their Own Agencies

The label quickly responded to the most recent report by ambiguously stating that nothing has been decided in regard to the future of BLACKPINK.

There is nothing confirmed regarding the contract renewal and future activities for BLACKPINK.

— YG Entertainment

The response echoes the label’s previous response to reports stating that Rosé would be the only BLACKPINK member to remain with YG Entertainment. At the time, YG Entertainment stated that nothing had been decided and that the label was still in negotiations with the members.

Nothing has been decided. We are still negotiating.

— YG Entertainment

Despite YG Entertainment’s attempt to quell concerns among fans and shareholders alike, netizens are interpreting the label’s ambiguous response as a sign that negotiations with the members have broken down.

  • “Just make it official.”
  • “So they aren’t denying that (Jennie and Jisoo) are setting up one-man labels.”
  • “From how negotiations are going, it seems the members are really not going to re-sign.”
  • “They must mean that the one-man label rumors are true but that nothing has been decided in terms of the group promotions. The members do need to negotiate with YG for their music and the rights to use the name (BLACKPINK).”
  • “So when is there going to be official news? ㅠ.”
  • “Seeing how there are so many similar articles, the reports must be true.”
  • “Rumors are the only things being reported, LOL. Hurry up and say something, YG!”
  • “Negotiations must have broken down.”
  • “I guess the members aren’t renewing.”

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Source: theqoo