Jennie Will Join Jun Ji Hyun as a Model for a Popular Makeup Brand

This strategy could work!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie will join Jun Ji Hyun as a model for Amore Pacific‘s Hera brand.

It appears that Amore Pacific is trying to broaden the spectrum of their audience by adding a new face to their brand.

Amore Pacific announced that BLACKPINK Jennie’s official activities with Hera will begin next month.

Amore Pacific also stated:

“Jennie will be working together with Jun Ji Hyun as our model.”

Hera is attempting to appeal to the young audience by putting a trendsetter like Jennie in the forefront.

Another source from the makeup industry stated:

“Having an idol join Jeon Ji Hyun as a model is a huge change. You can expect big changes with Hera.”

It looks like fans can expect big things with Hera this year.

Source: New Daily