Jennifer Lopez And Owen Wilson’s New Movie’s Trailer Is Going Viral On K-Pop Fan Twitter—Here’s Why

There’s something about it that seems familiar to K-Pop fans…

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It’s not every day we report about a Hollywood film, but this one we got to…

Universal Pictures recently released the trailer for their upcoming rom-com Marry Me. It’s got an all-star cast including American singer-songwriter-dancer Jennifer Lopez, the always iconic cowboy—we mean actor-writer-producer—Owen Wilson, among many other celebs like Columbian singer Maluma and American comedian Sarah Silverman.

Jennifer Lopez (left) and Owen Wilson (right) in “Marry Me.” | Universal Pictures via IMDb

If you’re wondering why we’re talking about this film, let us explain…

Basically, after the trailer was released, it went viral, unusually on K-Pop fan Twitter. ARMY malaika (@btspinebreakerr on Twitter) shared the trailer with a short caption, summing up their reaction, “this plot is deranged … i will be watching.” 

| @MarryMeMovie/Twitter

Despite having a modest following on Twitter, their tweet went viral. One day after posting, malaika’s repost of the trailer accumulated 31.3K likes and over 10K retweets!

Meanwhile, the official Twitter account for the movie’s post of the trailer, the source, only has about 9K likes and almost 4K retweets. Talk about being rationed!

| @MarryMeMovie/Twitter

Most Twitter users are retweeting malaika’s post, including the trailer, especially quote-tweeting with their own reactions. Obviously, we’re all excited about Owen Wilson’s romcom comeback…

One of the best Mobius/Owen Wilson variants, we have to say!

Even vlogger and science expert Hank Green, yes, the Hank freaking Green quote-tweeted malaika’s post!

The real reason why people are talking so much about this movie, especially among the K-Pop fan community, is that its plot feels all too familiar. It’s so bizarre that it reads just like something out of fanfiction.

You see, the movie focuses on Jennifer Lopez’s character Latina pop star Katalina “Kat” Valdez. She and her partner Bastian (Maluma) are preparing to go on tour with the release of their new song, “Marry Me.” The tour is supposed to begin with their exchange of vows in concert! What a perfect gimmick, right?

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma as Kat and Bastian. | @MarryMeMovie/Twitter

Yeah, no… Because literally right before Kat goes on stage, she finds out that Bastian is cheating on her!

| @MarryMeMovie/Twitter

Yet, the show must go on. So, she goes on stage after all and decides to still get married… But, instead of her fiancé, to a random stranger (Owen Wilson) who accidentally held a “Marry Me” sign in the audience, thus being easily spotted by her.

Jennifer Lopez with Owen Wilson. | @MarryMeMovie/Twitter

You can imagine the rest of the movie already. We know these two are going to somehow fall in love despite the awkward circumstances.

| @MarryMeMovie/Twitter

If you’re still wondering if this is literally a fanfiction come to life, well, we’ve got the answers…

It’s not based on fanfiction though you had the right idea. It’s actually based on a webcomic, also called Marry Me, written by Bobby Crosby.

It’s, of course, not unheard of now that some movies are based on fanfictions. In fact, they are getting made today. The After series is based on Anna Todd‘s novel of the same. This novel was originally released on Wattpad with inspiration from One Direction, specifically Harry Styles.

Similarly, Netflix released a trailer for a new holiday film, Single All The Way. All anyone could think about was that it was really giving fanfiction tropes!

Do we mind? Not really! It’s kind of adorable. We’re definitely expecting more films to be based on fanfiction.

Marry Me is an American romantic comedy film directed by Kat Coiro, starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Maluma, John Bradley, and Sarah Silverman. It will be released just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Watch the trailer for Marry Me below if you haven’t already:

Source: @btspinebreakerr and Wikipedia

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