Celebrity’s Ex-Fiance Under Investigation For Allegedly Beating Child With Golf Club

The fiancé is already facing multiple allegations of fraud.

Jeon Chung Jo, who is accused of being a scammer, is being investigated for child abuse.

Jeon Chung Jo (left) and Nam Hyun Hee (right) | Chosun Ilbo

On October 30, SBS News reported that Olympian Nam Hyun Hee‘s now-ex-fiancé Jeon Chung Jo is being investigated for allegedly beating Nam Hyun Hee’s nephew “A”, who is in 8th grade with a golf club.

“A” and his parents are said to have reported the abuse to police last month. The police will reportedly call Jeon Chung Jo to be investigated soon.

Unrelated photo for illustrative purposes | Unsplash

The police also reportedly revealed that those implicated in the abuse have been delaying the investigation.

Previously, Jeon Chung Jo has become one of Korea’s most scrutinized figures after being hit with fraud and scam allegations. Read more about the controversy in the link below.

Source: sbs news