Jeon Mi Do Shares What It Was Like Behind The Scenes On Thirty-Nine And Son Ye Jin’s Wedding

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Jeon Mi Do sat with reporters at the Actors and Learning Art Center in Nonhyeon Dong in Gangnam, Seoul.

Son Ye Jin (left), Jeon Mi Do (center), and Lee Ji Hyun (right) | @mido_ring/Instagram

The actress spoke about her feelings towards wrapping up drama, Thirty-Nine and shared behind the scene moments at fellow Thirty-Nine actress Son Ye Jin‘s wedding.

Hyun Bin (left) Son Ye Jin (right) | Vast Entertainment

Son Ye Jin and husband Hyun Bin‘s wedding coincided with the drama’s last episode, Jeon Mi Do confessed due to the conflict, she wasn’t able to watch the last episode.

Cast of Thirty-Nine |

The actress also shared that during the wedding, “Joo Hee (Kim Ji Hyun) and I both cried when we went to see the bride.”

Hyun Bin (left) Son Ye Jin (right) | Vast Entertainment

She confessed that, “It felt like a friend from Highschool got married. Weirdly when I saw her (Son Ye Jin) in her wedding gown, I started tearing up. I think it is because my character wanted hers to get married in the drama.”

Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun are all 41. Jeon Mi Do explained, “It was more comfortable since all three of us are the same age. We all have similarities to our characters. Ye Jin has a playful personality and helped keep the set bright. We laughed a lot together.”

Son Ye Jin (left), Jeon Mi Do (center), and Lee Ji Hyun (right) | @mido_ring/Instagram

When asked whether there were any competitiveness over their acting, the actress replied, “I can’t speak for others but I don’t think there were any of that on our set. I was thankful that Ye Jin led us.

Thirty-Nine was a drama that aired this year until March 31. The hit drama covered three friends as they navigate through love and loss.

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