Jeon So Min’s Agency Told Her To Get Plastic Surgery, And Here’s How Much It Would Cost

Jeon So Min appeared on an episode of tvN’s talk show Life Bar, where she had the opportunity to share her struggle with Korean beauty standards.

Heechul broached the subject when he asked her, looking a bit confused, “What is it that you meant when you said you wanted to be called pretty?”

“I received a lot of comments that I was deficient as an actress when it came to my appearance.

I did not have a pretty face to start with and I visited a cosmetic surgeon at the suggestion of my agency. I was quoted ₩23 Million KRW [~$21 000 USD]”

— Jeon So Min 

She explained that because she was very young, she was scared and ran away crying.

She did, however, reveal that she actually regretted the decision to flee the scene, as she wants work done on her nose and in other places now.

Source: SeoulEn