Jeon Somi’s B-Side Actually Landed At A Higher Place On iTunes Than Her Debut Single

This just proves that both songs are more than amazing.

On June 14, 2019, Jeon Somi made her solo debut with BIRTHDAY, a single album featuring a lead single of the same name as well as b-side “Outta My Head”. “BIRTHDAY” is a bonafide bop and definitely lead single material, but interestingly enough, “Outta My Mind” ended up placing at a higher place on iTunes without a music video or any promotion.

“Outta My Head” and “BIRTHDAY” chart placements on iTunes Top Songs Chart (left) and K-Pop Songs Chart (right) as of 4:30 EST on June 14, 2019

“Outta My Head” is a quick favorite, showcasing a more laidback R&B and vocally rich vibe than “BIRTHDAY’s” bright poppy sound. Both songs show two completely different styles in SOMI’s arsenal which she delivers flawlessly. We’re already ready for more SOMI!

Watch SOMI’s music video for “BIRTHDAY” below: