Jeon Somi Confirms Her Solo Debut Date

She’s coming this summer!

After numerous announcements about her solo debut and even a postponement, Jeon Somi has finally confirmed her much-anticipated solo debut date.

Jeon Somi is set to make her solo debut on June 13th.


It was previously announced by her agency, The Black Label, that her solo debut would take place on May 1.


But even with the scheduled debut date drawing near, no further announcements were made.


Eventually, it was reported that Jeon Somi’s solo debut was postponed to a later, unspecified date.

Her album production is finished but her debut date is undecided. We have not filmed her music video yet either.

We are discussing her new debut date.



And while some fans who have been anticipating her debut may have been disappointed, Jeon Somi reassured them through a teaser, claiming that it’s coming really soon.


Now that the date has been confirmed, fans are more than excited for her return!

Source: Instagram