Jeon Somi’s Now-Deleted Tweet Sparks A Heated Debate Online

It was in response to a tweet about her fellow YG Entertainment artists.

Jeon Somi has sparked a debate because of her now-deleted tweet in response to a post about her fellow YG Entertainment artists.

Jeon Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Somi has always gained attention for her IDGAF attitude, and it’s been praised as breaking the boundaries within K-Pop.

Yet, a now-deleted tweet from Somi has gained mixed reactions.

A new trend on X is going around where netizens will tweet about groups they seemingly don’t like but add “We like you” and an artist they do. In one tweet, a netizen listed off many YG artists as “F*ck you” and then praised Somi.

Netizens noticed that under the tweet, Somi had replied with “Yay they like me.” However, it was deleted shortly after being posted.

When the tweet and reply were shared, netizens shared their anger at Somi’s reply.

Although it seemed harmless from just the words, when combined with the main tweet, many thought she was indirectly shading her fellow YG Entertainment artists, whether they were under the main company or the BLACK LABEL.

Many others pointed out that it was fair to be angry because if a male idol had done something like that about a female star, they would receive backlash rather than being praised.

Yet, while many fans criticized Somi, others shared that because the idol has praised her senior YG artists in the past, she must just be having a joke. In particular, some added that netizens want idols to have more freedom but criticize them when they actually do.

While many thought it was just harmless fun, netizens believe that Somi should know her influence as an idol and how her response could cause fan wars and misunderstandings.