Jeon Somi Responds Back To Hater Claiming She “Disrespected” JYP Entertainment

Somi shut down the hater with the best response.

Jeon Somi recently updated her Instagram with some beautiful shots from Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. She captioned the photos with the freedom she felt during her vacation.

“Happy to be here Finally Feels free ha… I like it ㅜㅜ” — Somi


She began to have fun conversations with her fans as she responded to their comments.


But haters began to leave malicious comments where they claimed they “lost respect” towards Somi for her comments. It appears they misunderstood her caption as a reference to how she left JYP and signed with YG’s sub-label, The Black Label.


Somi seemed to have had enough as she fired back at a hater who claimed that she “disrespected” JYP and that it was better off she didn’t join TWICE because of her “attitude”.


When all’s said and done, the haters have nothing to talk about because Somi’s father revealed that Somi and JYP left on good terms where they vowed to continue supporting each other.

Somi’s Father Speaks Up About JYP Entertainment And Her Relationship


But well said, Somi, well said!