Jeon Somi Left A Comment On This Popular Male Idol’s Instagram And Fans Are Shocked

He responded back to her.

Jeon Somi is known to be friends with a wide variety of friends thanks to her adorably social personality. But fans were shocked when she revealed her close friendship with this unexpected idol!


That idol was none other than Woozi of SEVENTEEN!


Woozi recently opened up his very own personal Instagram and posted a photo of his studio.


Alongside his studio, he also showed off a stunning mirror selfie where Somi left an adorable comment!


Somi showed off their close friendship as she joked, “Ooh hahahahahahahaha The hand in the pocket looks pretty cool hahahahahahahahahaha“, and Woozi replied with the cutest emoji.


Korean and international fans alike were floored that the two were close enough to joke around so freely, yet no one knew that they were even friends to begin with!


Fans suspect that they grew close when Somi was promoting as I.O.I and Woozi had written the group’s last song for them, titled “Downpour”.


Fans also realized that Woozi likes to talk in emojis as Mingyu also commented under the same post, “Wow Woozi-hyung is posting photos…“, and Woozi replied with one single emoji!


Long live this adorable friendship between Somi and Woozi!

Source: Nate Pann