Jeon Somi’s Solo Debut Has Reportedly Been Delayed

Her original debut date was set for May 1.

According to an Insider, Jeon Somi‘s solo debut has been delayed due to her agency’s internal situation and is expecting to make her debut in late May.

Due to various issues that have recently arisen, (Jeon Somi’s) debut schedule has been delayed. The decision was made considering aspects such as the completion of the album, etc.

ㅡ Insider


Jeon Somi signed an exclusive contract with The Black Label, which is an independent sub-label of YG Entertainment, after leaving JYP Entertainment.


In mid-February, The Black Label announced that Jeon Somi will be making her solo debut on May 1 and that she will soon be filming her music video.

Jeon Somi will work with famous producer Teddy and debut on May 1. She has completed recording recently and is awaiting her music video filming.

ㅡ The Black Label


With only 2 days left until May 1, the agency has yet to make any statement regarding her official debut.

Source: Sports Donga