Jeon Somi Gives Exciting Update On Her Solo Debut

Fans are ready!

Jeon Somi has taken to her Instagram to give eager fans an update on her upcoming solo debut.

Fans have seemingly been getting overexcited about Jeon Somi’s solo debut as it was announced last year that she would be making a solo debut by March.


In response to anxious fans who cannot wait until Somi finally makes her debut, the idol sent a message through her Instagram Story, reassuring them that the day (of her debut) will come.


She sent the same message in an English version, asking fans to be patient just a little longer. Of course, she didn’t forget to wish everyone a wonderful day.


Meanwhile, Jeon Somi also shared some from a photo shoot that proved she was becoming more and more beautiful by the day.


After seeing the message and photos, fans have become even more excited and patiently await the day the queen returns!

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