Netizens Defend Jeon Somi After A Viral Clip Dubbed Her Album Release Party As “Boring” — The Idol Responds In Her Own Iconic Way

Somi’s response to the criticism was truly legendary!

After a clip of Jeon Somi‘s album release went viral for all the wrong reasons, netizens defended the idol after criticism, and she even addressed the comments herself.

Jeon Somi | @somisomi0309/Instagram

After what seems like forever, Somi finally made a comeback with her new song “Fast Forward.”

More and more idols are having parties for their album releases, and Somi was no different. Netizens loved to see a video from the party where Somi was showcasing the moves to her new song with a star-studded crowd.

Yet, when the video was posted, netizens immediately hit back at the video with claims that the party looked “boring.”

Even when the clip was posted on TikTok, netizens couldn’t understand why it was so “boring,” wondering whether it was the vibe of the song or the guests. Many pointed out that it just didn’t seem to have the atmosphere they expected.

Yet, while the clip has gone viral and a lot of fans have agreed with the “boring” atmosphere of the party, others have defended both Somi and the idols attending.

In particular, many pointed out that idols get so much criticism for things they do that if they knew they were being recorded, they would’ve had to be extra careful with their behavior. Others pointed out that you can’t read the atmosphere of a room by a small clip.

Yet, amidst the criticisms and defense, Somi herself actually responded to a comment about the state of the party and how nobody danced along with her. After seeing the tweet, the idol had the most iconic response, as she explained, “Oh honey they made room.”

The life of an idol is one of the hardest, with people always judging them for everything they do, so it wasn’t surprising that many were being wary if they knew they were being filmed. Also, the fact that Somi responded to the criticisms shows just how iconic she is.