Jeong Sewoon’s Official Lightstick Was Revealed, Here’s Why Fans Are Loving It

“Starship is the best when it comes to lightsticks.”

Jeong Sewoon‘s official lightstick has been revealed and netizens are quite impressed with the details that were put into it!


The globe, which resembles a fish tank with rippling waves, apparently has much meaning behind it.  First of all, Sewoon’s nickname is known to as Ponyo, the goldfish character from Miyazaki Hayao‘s film, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Hence, the fish tank.


Secondly, Sewoon’s birthday is on May 31st, which is apparently also Sea Day in Korea. Moreover, Sewoon had apparently written and composed his song, “Close Over”, while watching the waves of the sea. Hence, the waves in the globe.


Finally, the globe incorporated all three of Sewoon’s official colors: yellow, purple and sparkle.


And that’s not all! Sewoon’s official logo, the clover, can be found in various locations of the box and lightstick itself. Not only is the lightstick box yellow, but it also has a clover-shaped opening.


The logo is also on the power button…


The handle…


And even on top of the lightstick!


In fact, the logo inside the globe even spins!


Netizens have been praising Starship Entertainment for the quality of Sewoon’s lightstick and many indicated that they’d like to buy the lightstick even though they’re not even a fanclub member!

  • “Wow the logo even twirls lol I think they take better care of their artists than the large companies”
  • “I’m from another fan club but the quality makes me want to buy this lightstick. It suits Jeong Sewoon’s calm, comfortable, clean and cozy character so well. Starship does their job well”
  • “Starship is the best when it comes to lightsticks”
  • “The expression of water is thumbs-up”


Well done, Starship!

Source: Pann Nate