Jeongyeon Teases That She Will Join TWICE On Their North American Tour

ONCEs, get ready to see OT9 TWICE on tour!

Looks like American ONCEs will get to see OT9 TWICE performing together!

TWICE | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE’s Momo and Jeongyeon did a live stream together on February 7.

Jeongyeon (left) and Momo (right) | TWICE/VLIVE

During their live stream, they talked about their hair colors. Jeongyeon said she’s been blonde for over a year, and Momo has been rocking her two-toned hair for about a year, too.

Momo asked Jeongyeon if she had any plans to change her hair color, and Jeongyeon said “yes” with a mysterious smile on her face.

Momo said she was going to change her hair color after TWICE came to the United States. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon said, “Look forward to my hair color.” 

Momo asked Jeongyeon if she was going to dye her hair before she went to the United States and Jeongyeon said she planned to.

While Jeongyeon didn’t say outright that she will be participating in TWICE’s US tour, ONCEs believe that she will be performing on the tour because she mentioned changing her hair and said she will be traveling to the United States with the group. Of course, ONCEs are thrilled at the prospect of seeing TWICE perform as 9 on tour!

We hope all the members have a great time on tour, and we’re looking forward to seeing them all perform together!