Jeongyeon Had Trouble Mastering TWICE’s Choreography, But She Wasn’t Afraid To Ask For Help

The DTNA choreography “will completely destroy your appetite because it’s so exhausting.”

TWICE appeared on the latest episode of Section TV and shared their thoughts on this summer’s hottest comeback with “Dance the Night Away”!


When the host mentioned how “Dance the Night Away” choreography looks quite difficult, compared to those for TWICE’s previous songs, Sana, Dahyun, and other members thanked the host for acknowledging it.

“Thank you for noticing that!” — Sana


Jeongyeon confessed that, because the choreography is so complicated, she had to take private lessons to master the moves!

“To be honest, I had trouble keeping up with the choreography. So I kept getting private lessons from the dance teachers to learn it correctly.” — Jeongyeon


Jihyo mentioned that Jeongyeon also devoted a lot of time into practicing her live singing parts. It’s no wonder Jeongyeon, along with the other members, can sound so amazing even with all the intense dancing around.


TWICE members claimed “Dance the Night Away” choreography requires so much energy that it is actually perfect for weight loss!

“It’s great if you’re trying to lose weight. It will completely destroy your appetite because it’s so exhausting.” — Jihyo


Fans have also taken notice that the choreography is so on point!


  • “Woah, they’re so in-sync… My eyes has been blessed. Thanks. Woot.”

  • “This is actually really difficult choreography! This is super stylized and requires a lot of groove and confidence to pull off and I think they all did a great job!”

  • “The best and hardest choreo ever by them in my opinion.”

  • “Damnnnn, I didn’t expect such a summery cute song from Twice to have such a tiring and complicated dance.”

  • “Their hands and feet never stop moving. Amazing dance!”


Watch the choreography version of “Dance the Night Away” that is blowing away fans in pure awe: