Jeremy Lin Defends J.J. Redick, Believes He Didn’t Say ‘Chink’ in Controversial Video

Asian American NBA star Jeremy Lin has stepped in to defend Philadelphia 76ers J.J. Redick.

In the now viral video of NBA players wishing their Chinese fans a Happy Lunar New Year, J.J. Redick called his Chinese fans ‘chinks’ (a highly offensive racial slur).

And while Twitter users are having none of it, there is one person that believes that Redick didn’t really mean to use the slur or to offend fans.

Jeremy Lin spoke with Redick after the video went viral. He then posted his own tweet about what he thought Redick really meant to say and called upon fans to resist directing hateful comments to Redick or the NBA.


Lin has been a very vocal voice in regards to racism and has even dealt with people calling him chink in the past.

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J.J. Redick himself has also apologized for his mistake on Twitter.