Jessi admits undergoing plastic surgery on “Happy Together 3”

Lucky J‘s Jessi recently made a guest appearance on KBS‘ talk show Happy Together 3, where she admitted to having plastic surgery.

After guest Yoo Seung Ok revealed she underwent liposuction and eyelid plastic surgery, Jessi admitted that she too had undergone plastic surgery. Photos of when she was younger were brought up, to which the cast of Happy Together 3 commented that she was “cute” and her “eye smile was attractive,” embarrassing Jessi who said, “No. Don’t be ridiculous!”

Following the rounds of laughter, Jessi further commented that she regretted undergoing the procedure, revealing that she had her eyes and nose done just a mere three years ago.

She adds, “I didn’t do it because I wanted to. I was encouraged by my agency so I would come out more photogenic. I was also told if I did my eyes, I wouldn’t look as fierce, but they’re even fierce now,” revealing that people have a hard time looking at her in the eyes because they’re so fierce.

Other guests present, including Suzy, Seo Woo, Yoo Seung Ok, and Choi Hyun Seok.

Source: KBS Media