Jessi Admits She Went The Safe Route With “Gum,” But That People Will “Never Expect” What’s Next

Releasing the song was part of a bigger strategy.

Jessi virtually met with Zach Sang and Dan Zolot to film for their show, the Zach Sang Show, and during her interview, the veteran star was candid about her 18-year career, her recent releases, her dating hopes, and more.

Jessi | Zach Sang Show/YouTube

During her interview, Jessi discussed her desire to release more R&B music while acknowledging that pop music seems to be what sells right now.

Following the unexpected viral success of her song “ZOOM,” released last year, Jessi said that her newest song, “Gum,” shares some similarities with the previous hit and that she felt pressure to follow “ZOOM” with another fun pop song.

When it comes to my music, because ‘ZOOM’ did so well, I definitely had a lot of pressure on me. Because that song did so well… I mean, it’s not like, crazy big, but it did a good amount of numbers, you know?

— Jessi 

She admitted that when she first heard her newest song, she “didn’t love it,” explaining that she felt “loud” in the song.

Dan Zolot wondered why Jessi moved forward with releasing “Gum” if she wasn’t “100% sold on it,” and Jessi gave her honest reply.

Jessi revealed that she actually has a “lot of archived music right now” that features so many “great songs,” but instead of pulling a piece from her archives, she decided to go a different direction.

Jessi felt that after leaving P NATION to join Jay Park‘s MORE VISION, people had set expectations for her next release and anticipated a rap or hip-hop track from her.

Instead, she was set on releasing a pop song, with the belief that pop songs “bring everyone together.

Jessi admits that she did go the “safe route” with “Gum” but assured viewers that for her next release, she’ll be dropping a full album that will be something people will “never expect, like completely R&B.

During her interview, Jessi also discussed why her hit song “ZOOM” wasn’t supposed to go viral.

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Jessi’s “ZOOM” Wasn’t Supposed To Go Viral

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