Jessi Couldn’t Stop Fangirling Over BLACKPINK’s Lisa During Her Latest Live Broadcast, And Honestly, Same

Someone get Lisa on “Showterview” ASAP!

It seems as if whenever a K-Pop group or idol has a comeback announced, fans immediately flock to social media in excitement. Recently, whenever idols release their promotion schedules, fans have been going on Twitter and asking for one thing from the companies: they want the artists to go on soloist Jessi‘s weekly show Showtertview With Jessi. 

Jessi and her Showterview co-host | Yonhan

Jessi is never shy about sharing her life, and she recently went on Instagram Live to chat with her fans. As usual, fans flocked to the comments asking for different artists to be featured on her show. Alongside the usual requests for ATEEZStray Kids, and GOT7, a new face made an appearance.

After the exciting news that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was finally making her solo debut, fans now want to see her on Jessi’s show! Yet, it seems like fans aren’t the only ones who want to see Lisa on the show!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/ Instagram

During the broadcast, fans were spamming the comments asking for Lisa to be on Showterview, and Jessi definitely seemed up for the idea and even asked the viewers to help her make it happen.

You guys should go and email YG and email them and be like, ‘We want Lisa on Jessi’s Showterview.” You guys should email them @YGEntertainmentOfficial. All of you guys email them.

— Jessi

As well as asking fans to email YG about getting Lisa on her show, Jessi also took the opportunity to share her love for the idol, and it seems as if she is definitely a certified BLINK.

She’s having a comeback, and I am so excited. I love Lisa, as you guys know. She is so talented. I think she’s one of the best for me, but everyone has their own preferences.

— Jessi

Jessi then went on to praise Lisa for her talent, and it is no surprise that she seems to want the BLACKPINK member on her show so much.

I think she is one of the best dancers ever, she got the looks and everything too. I can’t wait for her comeback!

— Jessi

It isn’t the first time Jessi has explained that she wanted the BLACKPINK members on her show. She has also praised Lisa on several occasions, whether it’s calling her cute, and there was the iconic time Lisa and Jisoo hung out with Jessi on SBS’s Inkigayo and even danced along to her track “NUNU NANA.”

Jessi with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jisoo | @jessicah_o/ Instagram

With both Jessi and Lisa being strong and independent female idols, there is no doubt that them being on the same show together would be amazing.

It would allow Lisa to have some fun during her promotion and, alongside the likes of TXT, really showcase their personalities to the fullest! Fans of Jessi and BLACKPINK have a lot of work to do, so that YG Entertainment takes notice and puts her on the show.

You can watch the full clip below.

Source: @artsylali


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