Jessi Chooses BTS’s Jungkook As The Artist She Would Want To Perform A Duet With

Who doesn’t love Jungkook though!

In an episode of Jessi’s Show!terview, she was asked the question of who her ideal type was.

Fans know that she always chose actor Ha Jung Woo as her celebrity crush, but this time she chose someone different.

There is someone that I think is quite cool these days but I don’t think I should say it. I filmed a commercial with BTS, and back then Jungkook was just a baby, but now he’s really grown up to be a man.

⁠— Jessi

Let’s take a look at the “baby” Jungkook that Jessi was referring to!

Although he is rapping and dancing with charisma, you can see his baby face.

Just look at this adorable bunny!

The next question she received was what artist she would like to perform a duet with.

Among foreign artists, I would choose Bruno Mars. And for a Korean singer…Jungkook is like a super star so you have to think realistically. So I would say…Jungkook!

⁠— Jessi

Now let’s take a look at the grown up Jungkook that she’s fallen for!

Talk about a transformation!

Fans that saw this hoped to see a collab with these two someday!

  • “Jessi’s so cute. Hopefully we can see a collab soon!”|
  • “Jungkook really grew up so well!”
  • “He looks like a puppy that grew up into a golden retriever.”
  • “His thighs be looking thick with a baby face.”

Watch the full clip below!

Source: theqoo