Jessi Encourages “The Masked Talent” Contestant Who Was Holding Back On Her Dreams Because Of Her Looks

She did an amazing performance!

On a recent episode of The Masked Talent, contestant Seo Min Kyung made the judges emotional after confessing her insecurities about her looks.

Despite her passion for music and confidence in her singing skills, Seo Min Kyung shared that she held back on her dreams because she wasn’t confident with her appearance.

I became frustrated with my dream to become a singer because of my looks, not my singing skills

— Seo Min Kyung

Furthermore, Seo Min Kyung explained that because of her insecurities, she feels that a show like The Masked Talent is the perfect show to showcase her talent.

That’s why ‘The Masked Talent’ is a destined program for me. On this show, I am able to fill the stage with not my looks, but rather my talent and my skills. I had such a fun time preparing for this performance and I am happy I was able to gain my confidence back.

— Seo Min Kyung

Following her performance, Seo Min Kyung took off her mask and revealed that she wants to be a strong and confident singer like Jessi, who is one of the judges on the show.

My dream is to become a singer with overflowing confidence like Jessi. I sing Jessi’s songs a lot, but I feel as if I didn’t do my best today.

— Seo Min Kyung

After she complimented Jessi, she admitted that she felt that she did not perform as great as she wanted to. Since she looks up to Jessi so much, Seo Min Kyung sang Jessi’s “What Type of X” and even slayed the choreography.

Jessi then gave Seo Min Kyung feedback and commented, “Your breathing was a little off, but your voice and talent together make a very good performer.”

In the end, Jessi sweetly confessed, “I want to hug you. Is it okay to hug her?” Teary-eyed, Jessi headed toward the stage to hug Seo Min Kyung who also started to shed some tears.

While hugging her, Jessi cheered Seo Min Kyung on and reassured her of talent and beauty: “You’re so pretty. You did well. You’re this pretty.”

In frustration, Jessi adorably stomped her feet and playfully hit the show’s host Kim Sung Joo and shouted, “Who said she isn’t pretty?”

Check out the clip below: