[★BREAKING] Jessi and Dumbfoundead revealed to have already broken up

After reports were published that Jessi and Dumbfoundead were in a relationship, YMC Entertainment revealed that the two had already broken up.

Earlier today, an exclusive report by OSEN revealed that popular female solo artist Jessi and a renowned Korean-American artist Dumbfoundead were in a long distance relationship, after recently becoming a couple.

A few minutes after the initial report, Jessi’s agency, YMC Entertainment, gave a statement that although the two were a couple, they had broken up recently.

“After coming across the report and checking with her, [Jessi] said that they have already broken up. They recently broke up and decided to focus on their work. We don’t know the full details since it’s her personal life.”

– YCM Entertainment

Source: Ilgan Sports