Jessi Gets Emotional Over Jo Se Ho’s Touching Story About The Lowest Point In His Career

“When I looked at my mom, I just teared up in front of her.”

Jo Se Ho was the most recent guest to feature on Mobidic‘s “Showterview with Jessi,” where he told the story of his rise from a no-name comedian to one of the most popular comedians in Korea at the moment.

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When describing the lowest point in his career, Jo Se Ho shared how his mom was integral in lifting his spirits.

Since I had no gig, I stayed at home all day. And one day, I had a phone call with my mom.

— Jo Se Ho

His mom was concerned for him because he lived on his own, so she called him up to ask how he was doing.

I’m Catholic. My baptismal name is Sebastian. My mom asked, ‘Hey Sebastian, how are you doing?

— Jo Se Ho

Since he didn’t want her to know that he was out of work, he decided to hide his true whereabouts, instead telling her that he was at the broadcast station: “‘I’m at a broadcasting company right now. I have a meeting with a producer.‘”

She replied, “‘Okay, mom doesn’t know much, but I wish your work turns out for the best for you.‘”

The call ended, but to his surprise, the front door opened and he locked eyes with his mom! It turns out she had asked where he was because she was planning on cleaning his place while he was away.

Having been caught lying red-handed, he was worried over what she would say. With tears in his eyes, he recounted her reaction.

My mom looked at me…and just…looked at me without saying a word. And I couldn’t say a word either.

— Jo Se Ho

The camera then panned to Jessi, and viewers could see how she was also getting emotional from the story.

He shared how he started tearing up in front of his mom, who responded by hugging and consoling him.

When I looked at my mom, I just teared up in front of her. I didn’t want to. My mom hugged me. She said, ‘Sebastian, you can open it up to mom. Mom is okay if my son is not a great, great son. Thanks to my son, you made me happy already. If anything hits you hard, you can rely on mom any time.

— Jo Se Ho

His mom’s loving words boosted his self-esteem, and he was able to recover from the lowest point of his career.

The love of a mother is truly powerful! Watch Jo Se Ho recount the touching story in the full video below.

Source: Mobidic (1) and (2)