F.T. Island’s Hongki Was Asked If He Has Feelings For Jessi, But The Lie Detector Didn’t Give The Answer He Wanted

Their reactions were priceless 😂

Jessi and F.T. Island‘s vocalist Hongki have been close friends for many years now.

Hongki (left) and Jessi (right) | @skullhong12/Instagram

Hongki recently guested on Showterview With Jessi, where they both took turns asking each other questions and verifying their answers with a lie detector.

For one question, Jessi boldly asked Hongki if he’s in love with her. “You have feelings for Jessi!

Hongki burst out laughing and shouted, “Nooo!

He nervously waited for the result…

…and much to their surprise, the polygraph deemed his answer a lie!

Hilariously, Jessi jokingly acted coy, sweetly saying, “Hongki, youuu!

She then started singing the lyrics of her song “NUNU NANA.” Meanwhile, Hongki lay on the ground in total disbelief, exclaiming, “This can’t be true!

Unlike Hongki, Jessi happily agreed with the result.

How can you not see me as a woman when I’m a woman!

— Jessi

Hongki and Jessi’s reactions are priceless! Watch the rest of the hilarious interview below.

Source: YouTube