Jessi Shares The Hilarious Reason Behind Why She’d Make A Great FBI Agent

Joke or not, she can do anything!

Jessi just gave the best reason for why she’d make a great FBI agent!

On the latest episode of Showterview With Jessi, the guest was none other than Jessi, promoting her latest comeback song, “What Type Of X”!

She soon read out questions sent in by her fans, and one of them asked her about potential other plans if being a singer wasn’t in the stars for her!

What else would you be doing if you didn’t become a singer?

Jessi then looked up and confidently answered with,



She then revealed her hilarious reason behind why she’d make a great agent!

Why? Let’s say I have a boyfriend and he cheated on me. I can spot all that! So guys can’t date me that easily.


Fellow show host and announcer Cho Jung Shik then hilariously remarked,

She would’ve caught quite a lot [of them] if she didn’t become a singer.

—Cho Jung Shik

But it’s great that she’s a singer, delivering quality bops like “What Type Of X”!

Watch her talk about it here!