Jessi Hilariously Reveals Why She Usually Doesn’t Wear Pants

It kinda makes sense!

Jessi revealed why she usually opts to not wear pants!

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and Jessi visited Jeonju as part of the K-Culture Festival, where they walked around, showing everyone what the sights and delights of the city!

In the latest episode, the two visited Lie Sang Bong, a designer famous for his Hangeul inspired fashion!

As the two talked with Lie Sang Bong, Jessi asked him to pick out an outfit for her to try on! He first recommended a sleeveless Korean-inspired design for her to try on, which Jessi hilariously rejected because she didn’t “prepare” her armpits for the outfit!

I have to avoid something like that because I didn’t prepare this area.


They continued to rifle through the clothes he brought out, and Lie Sang Bong pulled out a pair of pants for Jessi to try on!

After holding up the pants, Jessi uproariously remarked that she can’t wear these either, and further explained the reason for including pants as a regular in her daily wardrobe!

I really don’t look good in pants. Because my waist is small, but my booty is a little big, right? So my stylist often tightens this for me.


The reactions of everyone said plenty about how much they love Jessi’s hilariously honest personality!

You can watch the whole thing here!