Jessi To Make Her Acting Debut For The First Time In New Upcoming K-Drama

Her first character is perfect!

Rapper Jessi is about to upgrade her career by adding “actress” among her many titles. She’ll be taking her first step as an actress in an upcoming variety drama by TV CHOSUN, titled Somehow Family.

The show tells the story about a share-house run by an older couple and the tenants who live there. The share-house is located near an airport, so the tenants all work various jobs at the airport.

Jessi will play the role of a neighbor who butts into any situation with her non-fluent Korean and badass persona. Although her character boasts a strong personality, she’s an emotional softy on the inside. Her character basically matches Jessi’s true character!

Her agency, P NATION, confirmed that she’s taken on the new role.

Jessi will be taking on the new role of an actress through the new variety drama, titled Somehow Family, on TV CHOSUN.


Jessi has continually proven herself as a diverse entertainer ever since her debut back in 2005 as a pop-idol. She then transformed into a badass rapper with an attitude to kill, while also appearing on multiple variety shows to show off her adorable, soft side as well.

Somehow Family will begin airing on March 29 at 7:55 pm KST.

Source: My Daily