Jessi Gushes About What Makes NCT DREAM’s Mark An Amazing Idol

She was full of praise for his many talents.

Through an Instagram live where she chatted with fans, Jessi mentioned listening to NCT DREAM‘s “Beatbox”. She revealed which member stood out most to her and why they were so eye-catching.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Because K-Pop groups often have a lot of members, like NCT with over twenty members, Jessi pointed out how difficult it is to keep track of everyone. Still, that didn’t keep her from noticing Mark.

Honestly, it’s really hard for me to keep up with everyone. But, Mark really stood out to me. He’s really talented.

— Jessi

She even remembered watching Mark on the show High School Rapper. Jessi praised him, “But that dude is a natural talent. He’s really good at dancing.” She then explained why he was such an amazing idol.

Jessi broke down the main talents that made Mark such a powerhouse and a staple member for NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and SuperM.

Mark is actually an all-rounder. He can sing. He can rap. He can dance.

— Jessi

Jessi also praised Mark for having “a lot of charisma,” which set him apart from “pretty boys.” There was a reason why it was so important to Jessi.

Because Jessi had seen a lot of artists and K-Pop idols, she knew that charisma made all the difference. She said, “There’s a lot of people who are pretty and good-looking, but you can tell that they don’t have a lot of confidence.” That’s not the case for Mark.

Mark is such a talented all-rounder that even Jessi couldn’t help but praise him for it.

Mark | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter
Source: Twitter