Jessi Opens Up About The Possibility Of Doing A Dating Reality Show

She’s looking for love and may bring the journey to TV.

Veteran soloist Jessi has been breaking boundaries for almost two decades as an artist who’s not afraid of speaking her mind and being unapologetically herself.

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Recently, she sat down with rapper and actor Dumbfoundead to record an episode for his podcast, Fun With Dumb, and she got real about her love life, wanting a family, and the possibility of starring in a reality dating show.

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Jessi shared that she’s actively looking for love, and after having multiple long-term relationships, she wants to date with the intention of marriage.

Now I’m in a place where I’m looking for love. If I meet a guy, I’m actually going to try and marry this person rather than just have a little fling with them.

— Jessi

Special co-host Donnie Kwak suggested that Jessi participating in a dating show would be “epic” if she wanted to come back to TV, and little did he know that Jessi had a story to share about that.

Jessi revealed that she had been approached about the possibility of doing a Netflix show, but after years of doing reality TV shows, she didn’t jump at the opportunity.

Somebody wants to do, like, a Netflix series with me and I actually— I’m not really a big fan of doing all of those reality TV shows because I’ve done a lot.

— Jessi

While she’s not a big fan of doing reality shows, she is open to the possibility of a dating reality show.

But I was like, somebody needs to do like a ‘Finding Jessi Love” type of show. That would be cool because— remember back in the day like Tila Tequila… Flava Flav? That was my favorite show. But I mean, obviously that sh*t is fake at the end because nobody really ends up together, but, who knows…

— Jessi

Jessi then revealed that she pitched the concept of a dating show to someone in Hollywood, and they thought it was the “best idea ever.”

They were like, ‘Bro, this is like the best idea ever,’ because no Koreans would do that. You know what I mean?

— Jessi

When asked if she felt Korean female celebrities would appear on the show she conceptualized, she shared that if she went through with it, she doesn’t think she would film it in Korea.

Instead, she envisioned possible locations like Italy, Greece, or America.

Jessi also opened up about what she’s looking for in a man and whether she would date someone within the industry.

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Would Jessi Date Within The Industry? The Veteran Soloist Gets Real About Looking For Love

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