Jessi Reveals Why She No Longer Agrees With Plastic Surger

“I also know that I can’t be perfect.”

Jessi appeared on Radio Star where she openly discussed her past plastic surgeries and how she no longer believes they’re necessary.

During their talks, the cast began talking about plastic surgery rumors when Jessi confessed, “I now oppose plastic surgery.

She openly confessed to the many surgeries and treatments she had done from a little lip injection to rhinoplasty. But she had received hate after getting fillers done to her face and realized that it didn’t look natural on screen.

She then decided to get all of her fillers melted away.

People think that I got a lot done. [But I didn’t]. In the past, I did my eyes and nose. And about 6~8 months ago I got a little lip filler done. About 5 years ago I got face fillers but people said that I looked like a [plastic surgery monster]. It looked like that on screen too.

That’s why I melted all of [the fillers].

— Jessi

Jessi explained that she’s happy with how she looks without the fillers. She claimed she will not be getting any more surgeries done as she now realizes that she can’t be perfect.

I like how I am now because I’ve tried all I wanted to try and got rid of it. I like me now. I also know that I can’t be perfect.

— Jessi

Coming from experience, Jessi now advocates to love oneself for how they look. Whether they’ve got surgeries done in the past or not, she’s calling for everyone to no longer depend on plastic surgery but love their uniqueness!

Jessi may be stunning from her physical beauty but she’s absolutely gorgeous for her personality and strength!

Stay tuned for Jessi’s next hit, “NUNU NANA”, dropping today at 6pm!

Source: SBS funE