Jessi Gives Her Opinion On Boob Jobs Years After She Got Hers Done

She gave her hot take on the topic!

Along with her incredible talents as an artist, Jessi is also known for her refreshing honesty, and she recently gave her opinion on breast enhancement surgery as a recipient of one!

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi recently hosted Apink as her latest guests on Jessi’s Showterview, where they talked about their long history as an 11-year old group, their latest comeback, and more!

Jessi and Apink | @jessishow_official/Instagram

One of the topics that came up was both Jessi and Chorong rocking the same dress but with different vibes, and Jessi hilariously talked about she had to rip the dress a bit to fit over her curvier body!

I remember that when I was putting that on, it wouldn’t fit me. So I had to rip it a bit to make it bigger for my boobs and buns, everything!


Chorong then offered up a comment about how she has a small butt, and Namjoo savagely took it further by confirming it with the words, “And boobs!”

But Jessi comforted her in the most honest and heartwarming way, by reassuring her that her body is perfect the way it is! As someone who’s gotten a boob job before, Jessi shared how she ended up regretting it later, calling it “meaningless”.

Listen, boobs don’t matter! After my boob job, I found it to be meaningless! Come to think of it, being natural is more beautiful.


She then hilariously said that even though she thinks like that now, she still won’t get rid of her implants because she’s too used to them!

I’m not gonna get rid of them though! It’ll feel weird if they’re gone.


You can watch the whole thing here, and make sure to catch the release of Apink’s latest album Horn and accompanying title track “Dilemma” on February 14!