Jessi Partners With Clothing Company To Spread Awareness To “Hate Is A Virus” Campaign

Jessi out here doing things for good causes.

Rapper Jessi has partnered with clothing company TRIBUTE to spread awareness to the “Hate Is A Virus” campaign.

Jessi has partnered with TRIBUTE, a clothing company where artists personally design their own limited edition clothing lines and bring awareness to campaigns and organizations. Jessi crafted her own line called STAND TOGETHER, and carries her own unique styling.

Jessi shared why she chose to partner with TRIBUTE for the collaboration, and what her goal was.

So I decided to be a part of the Tribute campaign because I wanted to bring awareness and spread love by creating cute everyday wear that is comfortable, with a touch of Jessi that also makes you feel confident.

[With all the negativity going around, it feels like hate IS a virus that needs to be confronted]. So I wanted to take this opportunity to contribute through this campaign called ‘Stand Together’ to shift the energy away from the problems that stem from hate and being against one another.

— Jessi

Jessi also shared her own advice for everyone who may be receiving hate or negative energy from being different.

It is not a crime to be different, so don’t be afraid to be yourself. You are special. You are YOU. Let’s not forget that love is ALSO contagious, so let’s stand together.

— Jessi

Jessi’s limited edition line STAND TOGETHER is available now.

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