Jessi’s Past Remarks About Moving Company Resurface After Leaving P NATION

Did Jessi previously hint that she wouldn’t stay at P NATION?

Along with her amazing talent, K-Pop soloist Jessi has always been praised for her uncensored and carefree attitude towards expectations in K-Pop. Whether it’s the things she says, the clothes she wears, or her willingness to break the rules, Jessi has always been praised.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

In particular, her personality wouldn’t fit into other K-Pop companies that are strict on rules and stick to the standards. It seemed the perfect result when she became the first idol to join PSY‘s newest company P NATION when it was created in 2018.

PSY (left) and Jessi (right) | @42psy42/Instagram

Jessi has always praised her CEO and even revealed in an interview that she was ready to give up on her dreams until PSY convinced her not to. Over the years, PSY and Jessi’s friendship and respect have always been praised.

It, therefore, shocked fans when it was announced that Jessi was leaving P NATION after her exclusive contract had ended. In a statement, the company revealed that her contract ended but they would continue to support the idol in her ventures.

Yet, in the midst of the news, a clip has resurfaced from a variety show appearance Jessi had that might have hinted that she wouldn’t renew her contract. Last month, Jessi appeared again as a regular on the show Sixth Sense.

The cast of “Sixth Sense”

During the show, the cast was outside and discussing contracts. In particular, host Yoo Jae Suk asked actor Lee Sang Yeob about what it was like being a free agent and Jessi joked that she heard a rumor he was going to join Antenna.

It was particularly interesting as it was the same company that the host was signed to as Antenna was created by Yoo Hee Yeol.

Yoo Jae Suk then pointed out that, when the show was being filmed, Jessi’s contract was set to expire in two weeks. Yoo Jae Suk asked the idol what her plans were when the time came and LovelyzMijoo joked that she should also join Antenna.

Jessi then joked that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, and even went on to list all the benefits of Antenna, including having people who sing, rap, act, and dance. It seemed like an agency full of diverse talent.

Later in the episode, Jessi visited a fortune teller with the rest of the cast and asked how she would do if she decided to go to Antenna.

Although the fortune teller explained that it wouldn’t work because the idol needs freedom and Jessi said “goodbye” to the idea, many netizens are bringing up the clip again after the news that she left P NATION.

While some joked that it could be a sign that she was moving to Antenna, others believed that it more likely showed that, even then, she was thinking about not renewing her contract. When the news was announced, many still thought Antenna could be one of the agencies the idol considered.

Whatever Jessi chooses to do, it is definitely a shame that she’s left P NATION as it seemed like the perfect place for her. Hopefully, it isn’t long before she finds a new home and feels as comfortable around her fellow artists as she did previously.

You can read the full announcement below.

Jessi Leaves PSY’s P NATION