Here’s How Jessi Reacts When PSY Tells Her To “Cover Up” More With Her Clothing, And It Is Definitely Iconic AF

Nobody tells Jessi what to do!

When it comes to the K-Pop industry, there is always a strict standard of what is deemed appropriate and what isn’t, and this comes down to the more traditional Korean values many fans have.

Yet, one person who has never been one to stick to the rules is soloist Jessi! Since making her K-Pop debut, there is no denying that Jessi has always been herself and extremely proud of who she is as a person.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/ Instagram

Of course, being so outspoken like Jessi will undoubtedly have gained some comments about how she speaks, dresses, or acts. It seems as if one of those people is her P NATION CEO PSY

Jessi recently made an appearance on SNL Korea, where she had some fun in sketches and spoke about her career with host Shin Dong Yeob.

During the interview, Shin Dong Yeob asked Jessi whether she listens to PSY whenever he tells her to do things, considering he is the CEO of her company.

As expected, Jessi had the sassiest answer expected and particularly spoke about her CEO’s reaction to her clothing choices which, to many people, may seem very different from what K-Pop idols normally wear.

No. For example, whenever I dress too revealing, PSY would tell me to cover myself up a bit more, but I would say ‘no.’

— Jessi

By throwing off her jacket, fans loved seeing how confident Jessi is with how she looks and how she dresses! However, although it might seem like PSY might be trying to constrict or control her, it is no secret that the two have an amazing relationship.

Jessi even explained how PSY helped her through a slump when she wanted to give up music in an interview with Rolling Stone Korea. Jessi explained that he was the one person who “Somehow made me snap out of it.” 

| Rolling Stones Korea/ YouTube

Some people will always have issues with how Jessi dresses and acts, yet it is the reason that so many fans worldwide love her. With her confidence, charisma, and talent, she proves that hard work pays off, and it is okay to be yourself!

| @jessicah_o/ Instagram
| @jessicah_o/ Instagram

There is no denying that PSY is one of the coolest CEOs in K-Pop, and hopefully, he has learned that it isn’t smart to try and tell Jessi what she can and cannot do! You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @intojessi and Insught