Jessi questioned by Police after reports of fight in club

Unpretty Rapstar alumni *Jessi*, also known as Jessi H.O, was allegedly involved in a fight while filming a MV.

Jessi was making a cameo appearance in rapper *Double K’s* new music video during the incident. Police reports reveal that someone called the police to a club in the Apgujeong neighborhood of Gangnam.

Police rushed into the club at around 9:30PM on November 17th, 2016.

In a statement to Donga, police revealed, “There were two groups there, one with Jessi and the other with the [male victim]. There was an argument between the two groups because someone ignored the other person’s greetings. The argument broke into a physical fight.”

The male involved in the incident accused Jessi of physically assaulting him. Jessi denied the accusations immediately.

However, the two parties declined to pursue legal action against one another. They apologized and wrapped up the MV shooting without further incident.

In a statement about the incident, Double K revealed, “There must have been a misunderstanding, as the MV was finished without any incident.”

However, according to Donga News, Double K was not able to finish shooting the MV due to police arriving at the scene and was in a bad mood the rest of the night.

Jessi’s agency, YMC Entertainment, also denied that the physical assault or a fight took place. The company revealed, “The physical assault is not true. They didn’t even fight. Jessi and A are very close, they were only joking when people around them misunderstood and called it in. It ended up just being a simple incident.”

Below are videos and pictures of Jessi at the MV scene with some of the people who were present at the MV shooting set.