Jessi Shocks The “TMI Show” Hosts With Something Truly “Too Much Information” — Her Real Bra Cup Size

She wanted to clear up misunderstandings.

Jessi guested on Mnet‘s TMI Show, where she stunned the hosts with a little too much information about her bra cup size. During the April 20 broadcast of TMI Show, Jessi and Hanhae joined hosts Boom and Mijoo, where a section of the show went over 5 of Jessi’s top features and aspects as a person and celebrity.

The topic in fourth place was Jessi’s body, and it’s no secret that Jessi has a hot body.

As they discussed Jessi’s fit figure, everyone was surprised to see Jessi’s leg strength, performing leg presses with both weights and… men instead of weights.

The topic naturally then turned to Jessi’s curves, and Jessi ultimately shared information that may have been a little too much information for television. She blatantly shared her true cup size!

I really wanted to say this. I’m a large B-cup.

— Jessi

Everyone was shocked to hear Jessi’s sudden confession, with Boom reacting that Jessi’s comment was truly “TMI.” Jessi then went straight to Mijoo to show off her girls, further dumbfounding Boom and Hanhae.

The production team also had some fun with the situation, joking that the show was rated 15+.

In the end, Mijoo and Jessi ended up trying to provide everyone with a relatable visual — by comparing her chest size to fruits.

Jessi: They’re not as big as you think, right? It’s not a G-cup.

Mijoo: It could also be like a small C-cup.

Jessi: Yeah they could be a small C. People think they’re this big, like they’re as big as watermelons, but it’s not like that.

Mijoo: They’re like a melon, no, naju pear size (larger variety of pears).

Jessi: Or like a large apple.

Jessi and Mijoo had previously had conversations about bra sizes during Sixth Sense alongside Jeon So Min, Oh Na Ra, and Yoo Jae Suk. At that time, specifics were not broadcast, but the fact that they talked about it was. At the end of the day, we love a confident and honest queen!

Watch the full clip below: