Jessi Shares How The Refund Sisters’ Members Reacted To Her New Song “What Type Of X”

They’re closer than ever!

Jessi shared how the members of Refund Sisters reacted to her latest song, “What Type Of X”!

In an online press conference for her latest comeback, Jessi talked about the song, and also dished on her close friendship with the Refund Sisters members!

When asked how they reacted to her song, Jessi revealed that Uhm Junghwa and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa loved the song, and were super supportive!

Uhm Junghwa and Hwasa were really fond of my new tune. Junghwa, in particular said it was great.


Uhm Junghwa

Hwasa even participated in a TikTok challenge for “What Type Of X”!

It’s great to see that they’re all so close and supportive of each other!

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram
Source: The Korea Times
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