Jessi Releases New MVs With A Sexy Concept, And Koreans Don’t Know How To Feel

Jessi came out with an extremely sexy concept for her new song “Down”.

Jessi recently released the music video to her new song “Down” wearing various swimsuits and it has been receiving mixed reactions from netizens.


Wearing revealing outfits in music videos is still not quite widely-accepted in the Korean society and therefore, Jessi’s new music video can be seen as a bold attempt.


The music video features Jessi in glamorous swimsuits doing sexy choreography to the tropical music.


Before releasing her music video, Jessi revealed through a radio broadcast that she is aware of the fact that her attempt was not widely accepted in Korea but decided to do it anyway because of her firm beliefs.

“I know you’re not supposed to do this in Korea. But I’m ready to take the criticism. I believe it’s right for a woman to have confidence in her body. If you’re confident, you can show it off. I wish all women could be able to do everything they want.” ㅡ Jessi


Despite the reservations that may still exist in Korea, netizens seem to have taken the music video very well with many complimenting the confidence she exudes as well as the great song.

  • “A music video that breaks the stereotypes of Korea. love it…as expected of Jessi. Our country needs to become more open-minded too…”
  • “The sexiness put aside, the music video was very well made.”
  • “I think Jessi would succeed big time in foreign markets. I wonder why she’s in Korea…she’s really on another level.”
  • “Can’t believe the day has come when we can see an artist with Rihanna and Beyonce feels through a Korean output.”
  • “Wow, this is not a Korean music video. Wow.”


Meanwhile, a live performance of the same song was not quite as accepted as the music video as it featured a slightly more revealing outfit.


The performance was held in a basketball court with Jessie wearing a basketball uniform-inspired swimsuit with some fishnet shorts.


The sexy choreography had also highlighted the revealing outfit.


Netizens expressed some reservations about this video as it seemed a little inappropriate for public broadcast.

  • “Elementary school students definitely shouldn’t be watching this…honesty the lyrics and the dance are all sexual.”
  • “Wow lol you won’t be seeing that on variety shows.”
  • “It’s no problem for adults and the song is good but I think it’s a little extreme to keep without any restrictions.”
  • “I like sexy concepts but this is not really good. The choreography Hyorin went for was sexy but also really cool but this is just like ‘hey, look at my booty!!’ so it’s just meh…”
  • “I can’t tell if she’s wearing a swimsuit or lingerie…it’s not cool or enjoyable…it’s sad…it looks like a Nicki Minaj parody…”
  • “It looks more cheap than sexy…and maybe because they’re so many similar concepts nowadays the song just doesn’t stand out.”


Nonetheless, people were still hooked on the great beat and vibes of the song.

  • “There are probably many who are uncomfortable with the song because of the sexual lyrics but the song is great. Actually, if you listen carefully, the foreign songs we often sing along to are based on sexual lyrics and when watching the music video, I felt like it was similar to music by Ariana Grande or Jessie J. I support her because it feels like she’s making her own music.”
  • “It is a little revealing but the beat is so refreshing and exciting that it doesn’t come across as uncomfortable.
  • “It’s sooo good.”
  • “The song is hot! Love the song.”


Check out Jessi’s “Down” music video for yourself.

Source: Sports MK, Youtube and Youtube