“That Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Person!” Jessi Responds To The “Backlash” She Gets For Straying Away From Korean Standards

The idol is sexy and confident, which doesn’t always go down well!

K-Pop soloist Jessi has never been afraid to stray away from “Korean standards,” whether it comes to the way she dresses, her confidence, or her behavior.

K-Pop soloist Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi has always shocked netizens with her sexy AF outfits. While she is always praised for her figure, it isn’t something seen by many K-Pop idols.

| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram
| @jessicah_o/Instagram

Yet, despite gaining criticism from Koreans for straying outside the “Standards,” Jessi has continued to release music and showcase her confidence in everything she does. Recently, the idol released her newest song, “GUM.”


With the release of the song, Jessi has been promoting the track on several platforms. Recently, the idol appeared alongside Zach Sang on his show, where they chatted about her songs, the life of an idol, and much more.

During the interview, Jessi touched upon her place in Korea and how the views there don’t necessarily match up with her own personal image.

In Korea, they are very conservative, so it’s like one person will make a mistake, and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to have to cancel her.’

— Jessi

While Jessi pointed out that her own image and the way she defies standards has worked in her favor, it doesn’t mean she’s immune to the criticisms.

But for me, I feel like it worked out for me in the sense, even though I do get a lot of backlash. I just stay true to myself since day one.

— Jessi

The idol then went on to explain that she knows her past consists of things that Koreans might deem inappropriate, but Jessi added that she is open about it, and it doesn’t make her a “Bad person.”

There’s no skeletons in my closet. When I was younger, I said I got into a lot of fights, I was a rebel, I smoke, I drink, I party. But that doesn’t make a bad person. We all do it.

— Jessi

She then went on to explain that while some people do appreciate her boldness, it impacts her as she is the one who gets the “backlash.”

I just say what everybody else wants to say, and people think that’s like a dope-ass thing, but I get the backlash for that.

— Jessi

Jessi then finished by saying that she thought God had put her on the earth for a reason, and she particularly wanted to inspire women to be proud and confident.

Show your body, show your confidence you know. But I always tell women, be independent and don’t depend on men.

— Jessi

Jessi has always had confidence, with netizens praising her for breaking “Korean standards of beauty.” Yet, the idol’s honesty shows that she still receives backlash but is determined to stay true to herself.

Source: @zachsangshow