Jessi returning with a solo single as both the rapper and vocalist

Lucky J‘s Jessi will be making a solo comeback this September with an all-new digital single!

According to her agency YMC Entertainment, Jessi will be releasing her currently untitled digital single set to be released on September 15th. Unlike her single “I Want To Be Me” released a few months ago, Jessi will be briefly promoting her upcoming release on music shows.

Due to her ability to perform as both a vocalist and rapper, no artist was invited to feature on the song as both parts will be taken care of by Jessi herself.

For those familiar with Jessi prior to her re-debut under the hybrid group Lucky J, she had originally debuted as a female soloist under the stage name Jessica H.O. Back then, she had shown off her ability as both vocalist and rapper perfectly.

Take a listen to one of her solo tracks below:

Source: My Daily