Jessi Hilariously Asked To See F.T. Island Hongki’s Belly Button, And Made A Promise To Him In Return

These two are friendship goals!

Jessi‘s longtime friend, F.T. Island‘s Hongki, appeared on her show as a guest, where Jessi hilariously demanded to see his belly button, and promised something in exchange for that!

Jessi and Hongki

Hongki appeared on the latest episode of Jessi’s Showterview, and showed off his great friendship and chemistry with Jessi! As they began the “face cam” segment of the show, Jessi suddenly made a hilarious request to Hongki—show your belly button to the viewers!

Can you show your belly button?


Hongki hilariously yelled, “Why on earth!”, and Jessi explained how she knows that he’s been working out recently, and she wants everyone to the results of his hard work!

As far as I know, Hongki has been working out very hard.


Hongki revealed that he still doesn’t have cut abs, but Jessi insisted, and promised that she’ll show her belly button too, but only if he shows his first!

Let me show you my belly button in return!


Their bickering ended with Hongki winning, but fans are probably waiting for the day he bares his abs!

Hongki | @skullhong12/Instagram

Watch their hilarious chemistry here!